Add Filter to image online
Today: 2022-09-27

How to Add filter to image?
1. Upload your image
To upload your picture, click on "Drag and Drop", choose your file and upload it or simply drag and drop your picture.
2. Click on load mask
After uploading your file, click on "Load Mask", choose a new file and drop it on the image that you wish to add a filter.
3. Download your file
Finally, click on "Apply Mask" and see the changes. After that, if you're happy with the changes, click on "Download" and download your photo in two formats (jpg & png).

Add Filter to Image Online
You may choose your filter and masks from your gallery or search them online and add it to your photo. In this way, the only limitation to being creative is just in your mind.
Astonish others by changing images and adding masks and filters to them. Any effect is possible. With our website tool at hand, there's no need for further apps on your smartphone. Remember, you can do any changes you want using other tools on the website, and after that add filters to it. It's fun and creative.

To Add Filter
It's easy to add filters and masks with "Image Flipper". Upload your file, add your filter and mask, download your photo and have fun! It's all for free and it's for an unlimited number of images. We at "Image Flipper" made it easy!

Safety and Privacy
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