Crop Images
Today: 2022-09-27

How to Crop an image?
1. Upload your image
At first, click on "Drag Files Here" and choose your picture or easily you can drag and drop your picture.
2. Select parts you wish to crop
After that, select wherever of the image that you want to cut and after finishing click on "Apply".
3. Download your file
After finishing the process, click on "Download" and download your file in jpg and png formats.

Crop images Online
It's easy with us, Image Flipper, to crop images online. There are some parts in the picture that you don't need or simply it is additional. Well, now you can cut and crop wherever you don't need and save it as you like, all for free and online for an unlimited number of images! Cropping online is simple and easy to understand. Just upload, crop, download and share it on your social media! Always remember, you can do any number of editing using other tools in our website before cropping it.

A lot of options are at hand when using image cropping tool. You may set a specific size for the cropping area and move it where you want freely. In other words, size is customized. Other option is to choose ratio. You can choose the ratio you want. Last option is to have a preview and see what exactly you're going to have in the final output. There are more settings! Check it out!

Safety and Privacy
Don't be worried about your safety and privacy. It's all secured. We won't let anyone to reach your files and they're not saved anywhere. So, be relaxed to use our free and safe website because your safety is guaranteed. Your safety and privacy are the border that no one can cross. It's all safe with us!