Rotate image online
Today: 2022-09-27

How to rotate an image?
1. Upload your image
First, upload your file to rotate.
2. Choose the angle.
After uploading your image, you may choose your desired angle.
3. Click on "Download"
Make your desired changes and finally click on the "download" icon and download your file.

How's rotating an image helps?
In some cases, images are captured on different sides or they're inherently on one side and we want to apply our angle. You can capture the correct side by holding the camera appropriately while taking a photo. But sometimes this isn't even enough!
Correct orientation depends on how you hold your camera or smartphone. These devices mostly save the file as orientation metadata based on a sensor that detects the position. Some apps don't rotate well enough but you can do it by yourself using a phone gallery.

Rotate Online
Now with our website rotating at a correct angle is possible and it's for free. No editing software or an app on your phone is required to do this. Just leave it to us! Upload your image and that's all. With Image Flipper, a rotating tool, you may rotate your images at any angle you want. Choose your angel, 90 degrees left or right or 180 degrees and 270 degrees to turn it clockwise or counterclockwise many times. You can do any other changes to your image on our website just before rotating it all for free. There's no limit!

Safety and Privacy
Are you worried about your safety and privacy? Don't be! It's all private with us!
Nothing will be saved or sold. Also, no other data are sold for personal benefits. This is guaranteed! You're data are safe and secure with us! This is not just motto but it is our purpose and what we want you to feel mind ease about it.